Berkey Water Level Sight Glass Spigot For Travel & Big Berkey

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Product Overview

7.5" Berkey Sight Glass Spigot

Allows instant reading of water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey water purification system.

For use with the following stainless steel Berkey water purification system:

  • Big Berkey system
  • Travel Berkey system


(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Sight Glass Spigot - the perfect addition to your Berkey

    Posted by Thomas W. Giles on 3rd Apr 2018

    Love the Sight Glass Spigot. Makes it so easy to know how much filtered water I have in the Berkey. Much nicer that having to lift off the top and look to see how much I had. Make your life that much easier and add one to your Berkey.

  • 5
    We LOVE our Berkey system! Life changing!

    Posted by Hillary Anderson on 24th May 2016

    We absolutely love our Berkey system. Both of us are drinking 90-100 oz of water a day (turning over new leaves to get healthy). The water tastes so good we have no problem drinking our quota. We put it in jugs and take it with us camping. We recently added the sight Glass $50 we've spent lately. I just sent a Big Berkey to my son and he loves it as well, said he had no idea that it would make that much difference in the water. We are hooked!

  • 5
    highly recommended

    Posted by Mel on 20th Mar 2016

    So glad I got this great product easy to install and I wouldn't want to be climbing on top of my freezer ( which is where my Berkey sits) to check the water level every time I was wondering if it needed a refill this is perfect I can monitor the water level and fill it as needed

  • 5
    Well worth it!

    Posted by Bob on 7th Mar 2016

    I bought the Big Berkey without the sight glass, thinking I could guess well enough when to refill. I found myself having to lift the upper unit almost every day to check on the water level (my wife and I refill practically every day). Now, with the sight glass, it is so easy to check the water level as I walk by and add water to keep the level up, but not overflowing. Well worth the purchase! Pay attention to getting the washers seated when disassembling! They are necessary to avoid leaks.

  • 5
    No Mistake

    Posted by diva on 8th Feb 2015

    The Glass Spigot takes the guessing work out of where the water level is in the lower chamber. My best advice is to purchase the Glass Spigot it's well worth it!!

  • 5
    Takes the guess work out of water level

    Posted by P.A.L. on 24th Sep 2014

    Keeps life simple. Took a second try to seat the washers correctly. Occasionally a drop forms on the spout,may be a user error. Plan to get Mom one if she doesn't already have one. It is a penny well spent!

  • 5
    A Must Buy!

    Posted by Terry Claxton on 22nd Jun 2014

    I am glad I read all the reviews I could, because from them I purchased the sight spigot, along with my Big Berkey system. So nice to see at a glance, whether the tank is getting low.

  • 4
    Must have accessory

    Posted by Alicia on 30th Jan 2014

    Bought this based on other reviewers suggestions. Glad I did. It would be a pain if I couldn't tell when to fill the tank. Be aware: the sight glass spigot has a relief port, so if you fill your berkey to full it will leak out through the top of this spigot. Other than that its a keeper.

  • 5
    A must have

    Posted by Dennis on 16th Oct 2012

    It takes all the guesswork out of filling the tank